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03 Apr 2008
The mighty Gavin strikes again (et alii). I hope you lot who use these tabs write to him and tell him how fab he is!:

Breakin' My Back (Gavin)
Dirty Creature (Gavin)
Love You 'Til The Day I Die (Gavin)
Most Unwanted (Gavin)
People Are Like Suns (Nick Hamblin)
This Is Massive (Gavin)
You Are The One To Make Me Cry (Phil Kelly)
26 Dec 2007
More tabs from Gavin Chart:

Convent Girls (updated)
I'm Only Sleeping
In The Lowlands (updated)
Say That Again
11 Dec 2007

The band have got together with Concert Live in the UK to produce a set of limited edition live CDs from selected dates on their UK tour. Only 1,500 of each gig (Manchester, Glasgow, Birmingham, Nottingham, Wembley) have been produced and there are now less than 300 of each gig remaining.

For more info and to get your hands on the CDs, click here -
9 Dec 2007
More tabs. Many thanks to Gavin Chart, Daniel Bosshart, Duncan Priestly and Jake Chaloner:

Billie Jean (Duncan)
Don't Stop Now (Duncan)
English Trees (Gavin)
Even A Child (Daniel)
Even A Child (Gavin)
Everything Is Good For You (Jake)
Happy Together (Gavin)
In The Year 2525 (Gavin)
Lost Island (Gavin)
Nobody Wants To (Duncan)
Pour Le Monde (Gavin)
Pour Le Monde (Duncan)
Ruby Baby (Gavin)
Say That Again (Daniel)
Sexual Healing (Duncan)
She Called Up (Daniel)
Sigh (Daniel)
So Dramatic (Daniel)
Time On Earth (Daniel)
Transit Lounge (Duncan)
Walked Her Way Down (Daniel)
Walked Her Way Down (Gavin)
Wanderer (The) (Gavin)
You Are The One To Make Me Cry (Daniel)
23 June 2007
More tabs. Many thanks to Gavin Chart and Andrew Marshall:

Don't Stop Now (Gavin)
Fingers Of Love: EBDGBD tuning | Standard tuning (Gavin)
Halfway Round The World (Andrew)
Nobody Wants To (Gavin)
Penelope Tree (Andrew)
Refugee Tree, The (Andrew)
Silent House (Gavin)
We're All Men (Andrew)
What You've Done (Andrew)
7 May 2007
Some more tabs. Many thanks to Gavin Chart and Andrew Marshall:

Astounding Moon (Andrew)
Dead Flowers (Andrew)
Death Of A Popular Song (Andrew)
Hit The Ground Running (Andrew)
I Saw Her Standing There (Gavin)
I Want To Hold Your Hand (Gavin)
Parihaka (Andrew)
Road Trip (Andrew)
Show A Little Mercy (Andrew)
Underwater Mountain (Andrew)
Unsinkable (Andrew)
1 Apr 2007
17 Feb 2007
By popular demand the MP3s are back!
28 Sep 2006
A new Trade page has been put together! Head on over and see what takes your fancy.
20 Dec 2004
Just a quick one to let you all know that Crowdies producer Mitchell Froom has a new CD out, which can be purchased on-line. Genuinely - I've had a listen (several, in fact) and love it. It's all instrumental and if you like a soft piano sound for a lazy Sunday afternoon, this is it.
03 Nov 2004
More tabs from Gavin:

A Life Between Us (revised)
Gentle Hum (revised courtesy of Brian O'Grady)
Part Of Me, Part Of You (2002 version; revised)
Part Of Me, Part Of You (2003 version; revised)
Where Is My Soul (revised)
Wherever You Are (revised)
27 Sep 2004
More tabs from Gavin:
Language (Dave Dobbyn)
Loose Tongue
Tail Of A Comet
Sexual Healing (revised)
Time On Earth
14 Sep 2004
09 Jul 2004
Just to let you know to keep your eyes peeled for a couple of Finn Brothers live tracks in the MP3 area, just to get you in the mood for their forthcoming tour... You'll also find a live version of Throw Your Arms Around Me (this one's for you, Aaron!). All being well, they should be uploaded in the next few days.
09 Mar 2004
Wow, it's been a while since I was last here but now SSF is back on the front-burner. The past few months have been a melting pot of new material (which there'll be a link to shortly), hurling one's body cruelly through the time zones and a seemingly endless flow of short, fat little men in black t-shirts scurrying effortlessly around with amplifiers heavier than your house.

Anyhow, you'll notice that the site is back with a vengeance. The MP3 area is back up with the entire Borderline show now available for your listening pleasure, as many of you have requested. Sorry it took so long, and enjoy!

Also worthy additions of note are the ever welcome tabs from Gavin Chart and Nick Hamblin, the most recent of which are:

Charlie (Gavin Chart)
Beside You (Gavin Chart)
808 Song (Nick Hamblin)
Split Ends (Nick Hamblin)
15 Dec 2003
The good man Nick Hamblin has sent through a few tabs for your playing pleasure. These are:

Dirty Creature
Hello Sandy Allen
I Am In Love
Incognito In California
Sacred Cow
This Is Massive
What I Get Paid For

Good work!
17 Nov 2003
Ooops. I've had to temporarily switch off the MP3 area as many of you were having problems with the files. They may have been uploaded in the incorrect format, so apologies for that. I'll be fixing that one asap.
07 Nov 2003
Wow, where did the last five months go. SSF is back in the forefront again with the resurrection of everyone's favourite: the MP3 area!

There's also been quite a few people very kindly sent in contributions since the last update (yep, these have now been included) so a massive thanks to those people, most notably Michael le Blanc, Gavin Chart, Greg Weston, Paul Wilson and Mitch.

So go on, have a good poke around because there's been a lot more added since you were last here, and as always, if you've got anything to add then please let us know.