Radar Love
 Radio Appearances
 Raiders League Club, Canberra
 Rainbow Theatre, Denver, CO
 Rayner, Eddie
 Reality Bites
 Rear Enz
 Recital Hall, Sydney, Aus
 Recovery Special, Melbourne, Aus
 Recreation Club, Mingara, Aus
 Recurring Dream (Best Of) (Album)
 Recurring Dream (Single)
 Red Red Wine
 Refugee Tree, The
 Regal Theatre, Perth, Aus
 Regent Hotel, Sydney, Aus
 Regent On Broadway, Palm Nth, NZ
 Regent Theatre, Dunedin, NZ
 Regent Theatre, Ipswich, UK
 Regent Theatre, Sydney, Aus
 Regina, Canada
 Remember And Forget
 Remember When
 Renfrew Ferry, Glasgow, UK
 Rest Of The Day Off
 Resting (Your Hand Lightly)
 Reverb Club, Toronto, Canada
 Rikky And Pete
 Ritz, New York, NY
 Ritz, Tampa, FL
 Riviera, Chicago, IL
 Riverside, CA
 Riverside Theatre, Milwaukee, WI
 Road Trip
 Roadhouse, Papakura, NZ
 Rock Am Ring, Munich, Germany
 Rock Am Ring, Nurburg, Germany
 Rock And Roll Girl
 Rock Arena, Melbourne, Aus
 Rock The Casbah
 Rockefeller, Oslo, Norway
 Rocks (The), Sydney, Australia
 Rockstore, Montpelier, France
 Rocky Mountain News (Press)
 Rocky Racoon
 Romance Is Not Dead
 Roseland Ballroom, New York
 Roseland Theatre, Portland, OR
 Roskilde, Denmark
 Roughest Toughest Game In The World
 Roxy, Amsterdam, Holland
 Roxy, Atlanta, GA
 Roxy, Los Angeles, CA
 Roy Thompson Hall, Toronto, Can
 Royal Albert Hall, London, UK
 Royal Conert Hall, Glasgow, UK
 Royal Conert Hall, Nottingham
 Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool
 Royal Festival Hall, London, UK
 Royal Theatre, Canberra, Aus
 Royals, Canberra, Aus
 RSL Club, Castle Hill, Sydney, Aus
 Ruby Baby
 Runs In The Family
 Russell, NZ