O-Zone, BBC TV, London, UK
 Oddz And Enz
 Old Car
 Old Lion, Adelaide, Aus
 Oldenburg, Germany
 Olympia, Paris, France
 Olympia Theatre, Dublin, Ireland
 Once Removed
 One All
 One All Interview, The
 One Mouth Is Fed
 One Nil
 One Step Ahead
 One Step Beyond, Santa Clara
 Only Living Boy In New York
 Only Love Can Break Your Heart
 Only Talking Sense
 Open All Night: On The Road
 Open Mike With Mike Bullard
 Open Road
 Opera House, Palm Nth, NZ
 Opera House, Sydney, Aus
 Opera House, Wanganui, NZ
 Orakei, New Zealand
 Orange And Blue
 Orlando, FL, USA
 Orlando Sentinel (Press)
 Ormond Hall, Melbourne, Aus
 Orpheum Theatre, MA
 Orpheum Theatre, MN
 Orpheum Theatre, Vancouver
 Osaka, Japan
 Oslo, Norway
 Other Enz: Split Enz & Beyond Vol 1
 Ottawa, Canada
 Our Day
 Outer Mongolia
 Oxford, UK