Nails In My Feet
 Nambassa Festival
 Napier, New Zealand
 Nashville, TN, USA
 National Stadium, Dublin, Ireland
 National Theatre, Melbourne, Aus
 Native Tongue - Loudspeaker
 Naturally Live
 Nature's Best
 Nature's Best 2
 NDR Funkhaus, Hamburg, Ger
 NEC, Birmingham, UK
 Need To Be Right
 Nelson, New Zealand
 Never Be The Same
 Never Ceases To Amaze Me
 New Car
 New Daisy Theatre, Memphis, TN
 New Faces, TV, New Zealand
 New Haven, CT
 New Moon Grill, FL
 New Musical Express (UK)
 New Orleans, LA
 New Plymouth, New Zealand
 New Wave Hits Of The 80s Vol 2
 New York, NY
 New York Times (Press)
 New Zealand Herald (Press)
 New Zealand Listener (Press)
 Newark, DE
 Newbury Comics, Boston, MA
 Newcastle, Australia
 Newcastle, UK
 Newcastle Herald (Press)
 Newcastle Jam (Song)
 Newport, UK
 Newport Music Hall, OH
 Next Exit
 Nice To Know
 Nightmare Stampede
 Ninee Knees Up
 NME (UK) (Press)
 No Bother To Me
 No Hat, No Home, No Fun
 No Mischief
 No More Tears
 No Thunder No Fire No Rain
 Nobody Takes Me Seriously
 Nobody Wants To
 Nooderflaght, Tilburg, Holland
 Norfolk, VA, USA
 North Alb Auditorium, Canada
 North Charleston, SC, USA
 Northampton, MA
 Norwich, UK
 Not Even Close
 Not Fade Away
 Not For Nothing
 Not Made Of Stone
 Not The Girl You Think You Are
 Nothing Wrong With You
 Nottingham, UK
 Now 1980
 Now I Get It
 Now Toronto (Canada) (Press)
 Now We're Getting Somewhere
 Nowhere Now
 Number One Acoustic Rock Album, The
 Numbers Club, Houston, TX
 Nurburg, Germany
 Nuremburg, Germany