Lady Marmalade
 Land And The Sea, The
 Landgraaf, Holland
 Las Vegas
 Last Day Of June
 Last One Standing
 Last To Know
 Late Last Night
 Late Night With Conan O' Brien
 Late Night With David Letterman
 Late Show, BBC TV, London
 Late Show, Los Angeles, CA
 Later with Jools Holland, UK
 Launceston, Australia
 Leaps And Bounds
 Leaving On A Jet Plane
 Leederville, Perth, Australia
 Leeds, UK
 Left Hand
 Leicester, UK
 Leisure Centre, Birmingham, UK
 Leno, Jay
 Les Patterson Saves The World
 Les' Un Fanfare
 Let It Rock... 1987
 Letter, The
 Letterman, David
 Letters To My Frenz
 Life Behind Wooden Doors
 Light Will Shine, The
 Lille Vega, Copenhagen, Denmark
 Lisner Auditorium, Washington
 Listen To What The Man Said
 Live & Alive Vol 1
 Live & Alive Vol 2
 Live At The 105
 Live At The Borderline
 Live At The Ritz
 Live At The Town & Country Club (UK)
 Live At The Town & Country Club (Fr)
 Live At The Ventura
 Live CDs
 Live From The Fillmore
 Live In Canada 1982
 Live In LA
 Live In New York 1987
 Live Shows
 Liverpool, UK
 Livin' It Up
 Livin' Lovin' Maid
 Living Enz, The
 Living Room, Providence, RI
 Llewellyn Concert Hall, Canberra
 Lobero Theatre, Santa Barbara, CA
 Locked Out
 Loft, Berlin, Germany
 Log Cabin Fever
 Log Drums
 Logan Campbell, Auckland, NZ
 Logo, Hamburg, Germany
 London, Canada
 London, UK
 Long Beach, CA
 Long Beach Harbour, CA
 Long Hard Road
 Loose Tongue
 L'Oréal Studio Line Live!
 Los Angeles, CA
 Los Angeles Times (Press)
 Lost Cat
 Lost For Words
 Lost Island
 Love And Success
 Love Equals You
 Love Is All That Remains
 Love Plus One - 80s Love Songs
 Love Song
 Love This Life
 Love This Life: Lyrics 1978-2001
 Love You 'Til The Day I Die
 Lovey Dovey
 Luckiest Man Alive
 Lullaby And Goodnight
 Lullaby Of Lonely Lions, The
 Lullaby Requiem
 Lyttleton, New Zealand