I Am In Love
 I Am Sam
 I Can See Clearly Now
 I Can't Get Started
 I Can't Give You Anything But Love
 I Decided To Fly
 I Don't Wanna Dance
 I Feel Possessed
 I Found It
 I Got You
 I Hope I Never
 I Like To Watch
 I Love You Dawn
 I Only Want To Know
 I Saw Her Standing There
 I See Red
 I Take The Weather With Me
 I Wake Up Every Night
 I Walk Away
 I Want To Hold Your Hand
 I Wouldn't Dream Of It
 I'll Never Know
 I'm Only Sleeping
 I'm Still Here
 Ibiza, Spain
 Ice Rink, Whitley Bay, UK
 ID's, Prahran, Aus
 Identical Twin
 Ignatius Binz
 Imaginary Kingdom
 In A Minor Key
 In Love With It All
 In My Command
 In The Lowlands
 In The Round
 In The Wars
 In The Year 2525
 In Your Sway
 Incognito, Munich, Germany
 Incognito In California
 Independent (UK) (Press)
 Independent (UK) (Free CD)
 Indianapolis, IN, USA
 International Arena, Cardiff, UK
 International Centre, Bournemouth
 Intimate And Interactive
 Into Temptation
 Into The Night, BBC Radio 2
 Into The Sunset
 Invercargill, New Zealand
 Ipswich, UK
 Irish Eyes
 Irish Heartbeat
 Iron Horse, Northampton, MA
 Irving Plaza, New York, NY
 Isle Of Calves Festival, Oslo
 It Came From Hollywood
 It's For Your Own Good
 It's Only Natural (Kiss The Stone)
 It's Only Natural (Living Legend)
 It's Only Natural (Single)
 Italian Plastic