Daikyo Indycar, Surfers, Aus
 Daily Telegraph
 Dallas, TX, USA
 Dallas Brookes Hall, Melbourne
 Dancing Days
 Dancing Queen
 Danny Boy
 Darling Harbour, Sydney, Aus
 Darnall Music Factory, Sheffield, UK
 David Hepworth Show, London
 Day Tripper
 Day You Were Born, The
 Daytona, FL, USA
 De Anza Theatre, Riverside, CA
 De Montfort Hall, Leicester, UK
 De Vries, Marius
 Dead Flowers
 Dead Man
 Death Of A Popular Song
 Deep Ellum, Dallas, TX
 Deinze, Belgium
 Deirdre O' Donohue Show, KCRW-FM
 Denny Somach Productions, NY
 Denver, CO, USA
 Depot, Frankfurt, Germany
 Desert Chord
 Detroit, MI, USA
 Deutschland Hake, Berlin, Ger
 Devil You Know, The
 Diamond, Toronto, Canada
 Diana Princess Of Wales Tribute
 DIR Broadcasting Network, NY
 Dirty Creature
 Disembodied Voices
 Distant Sun
 DIY Documentary, London, UK
 Do Ya Think I'm Sexy
 Dock Of The Bay
 Doctor Love
 Dome, Brighton, UK
 Dominion (NZ) (Press)
 Don't Ask Why
 Don't Bury My Heart
 Don't Dream It's Over
 Don't Scream, It's Over
 Don't Stop Now
 Don't You Forget About Me
 Dots On The Shells
 Double Door, Chicago, IL
 Double Happy
 Down On The Corner
 Down Under 2: The Best Of Aus Rock
 Dr Livingstone
 Dream Date
 Dreaming The Videos
 Drive Home
 Driving Me Mad
 Drop Out
 Dublin, Ireland
 Duke Of Marlborough Tav, Russell, NZ
 Dunedin, New Zealand
 Durban, South Africa