Café de Kroon, Amsterdam
 Café Largo, Los Angeles, CA
 Café Music Network's Selects Vol 6
 Calgary, Canada
 Calgary Sun (Press)
 Cambridge, MA
 Cambridge, New Zealand
 Cambridge, UK
 Can You Hear Us
 Can't Carry On
 Can't Do Both
 Canberra, Australia
 Cannery, Nashville, TN
 Cape Town, South Africa
 Capitol, Hanover, Germany
 Capitol Records Parking Lot
 Capitol Theatre, Aberdeen, UK
 Capitol Theatre, Sydney, Aus
 Caracol, Madrid, Spain
 Cardiff, UK
 Carolina Concert Stage, SC
 Carried Away
 Carve You In Marble
 Catherine Wheels
 CBGB's, New York, NY
 Cemetery In The Rain
 Centennial Park, Sydney, Aus
 Central Coast Leagues Club, Aus
 CFNY-FM, Toronto, Canada
 Chelmsford, UK
 Chicago 1991 (Bootleg)
 Chicago, IL, USA
 Chicken Song, The
 Chocolate Cake
 Choral Sea, The
 Christchurch, New Zealand
 Cigale (La), Paris, France
 Cincinnati, OH, USA
 Circular Quay, Sydney, Aus
 Citadel, Washington, DC
 City Hall, Boston, MA
 City Hall, Newcastle, UK
 City Hall, Sheffield, UK
 City Opera House, Milwaukee, WI
 City Square, Melbourne, Aus
 City Varieties Theatre, Leeds, UK
 Civic (The), Christchurch, NZ
 Civic Auditorium, Portland, OR
 Civic Hall, Wolverhampton, UK
 Civic Opera House, Chicago, IL
 Civic Theatre, Newcastle, Aus
 Classic Alternatives Vol 4
 Classic Masters
 Cleveland, OH, USA
 Climber, The
 Club Lingerie, Los Angeles, CA
 Club Pacific, Southport, Aus
 Club Rosebud, Pittsburgh, PA
 Club Zeleste, Barcelona, Spain
 Clutch Cargo's, Pontiac, MI
 Clyde Auditorium, Glasgow, UK
 Coach House, CA
 Coachella Festival, Los Angeles, CA
 Coca Cola Kid, The
 Coca Cola Song, The
 Cold Live At The Chapel
 Collection 1973-1984, The
 Collonades Tavern, Adelaide, Aus
 Cologne, Germany
 Colston Hall, Bristol, UK
 Columbus, OH, USA
 Comb & Cutter Hotel, Sydney, Aus
 Come Together
 Coming Into Los Angeles
 Commodore Ballroom, Vancouver
 Common Ground
 Community Centre Theatre, CA
 Concert For Life, Sydney, Aus
 Concert Hall, Melbourne, Aus
 Concert Hall, Toronto, Canada
 Conciertos Básicos
 Conflicting Emotions (Album)
 Conflicting Emotions (Track)
 Congress Centre, Ottawa, Canada
 Continental, Melbourne, Aus
 Convent Girls
 Convention Centre, Alb, Canada
 Coogee Bay, Sydney, Aus
 Copenhagen, Denmark
 Copley Symphony Hall, CA
 Corn Exchange, Cambridge, UK
 Corner House Hotel, Melbourne
 Costa Mesa, CA
 Couldn't Be Done
 Country Club, Launceston, Aus
 Country Music
 Coup d'Etat
 Covered Tracks
 Craggy Range Winery, Hawkes Bay, NZ
 Craig Kilburn Show, Los Angeles
 Crombie, Noel
 Crossing, The
 Crossing Border Festival, Holland
 Crowded Cruise, San Pedro, CA
 Crowded House
 Crowded House (Album)
 Cruel Black Crow
 Cruise Café, Oslo, Norway
 Cry Wolf
 Crystal Ballroom, The (Bootleg)
 Crystal Ballroom, Portland, OR
 Cullen Hall, Houston, TX