A Day In The Life
 A Life Between Us
 Aarhus, Denmark
 Abbey Road Studios, London, UK
 ABC Radio, New York, NY
 Aberdeen, UK
 Abu Dhabi
 Adelaide, Australia
 Adventure Island, Tampa, FL
 Age (Press)
 Agora Theatre, Cleveland, OH
 Aladdin Theatre, Portland, OR
 Albani Music Club, Winterthur
 Albert Of India
 All God's Children
 All I Ask
 All The Colours
 Allinson, Richard
 Always Never Now
 American Theatre, St Louis, MO
 Amherst, MA
 Amnesty International
 Amsterdam (Track)
 Amsterdam, Holland
 Amy (Darling)
 An Introduction To Together Alone
 Anaheim, CA
 Anarchy In The UK
 Ancienne Belgique, Brussels
 Andrew Denton's Musical Chal Vol 1
 Andrew Denton's Musical Chal Vol 2
 Angel Orensanz, New York, NY
 Angels Heap
 Anniversary (Fuel- US)
 Another Chance
 Another Great Divide
 Another Time, Another Place
 Antone's, Austin, TX
 Anyone Can Tell
 Anything Can Happen
 Aotea Centre, Auckland, NZ
 Aotea Square, Auckland, NZ
 AP Radio, New York, NY
 Apollo Theatre, Manchester, UK
 Apollo Theatre, Oxford, UK
 APRA Music Awards
 Are We One Or Are We Two
 Arena, Brisbane
 Arlington Theatre, CA
 Arts Factory, Byron Bay, Aus
 As Sure As I Am
 Asbury Park, NJ
 Ashes To Ashes
 Aston Villa, Birmingham, UK
 Astounding Moon
 Atlanta, GA
 Atomic 80s
 Auckland, New Zealand
 Austin, TX
 Australia 2000
 Australian, The (Press)
 Australian Way (Press)
 Avalon, Boston, MA