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site news
09 Jul 2004
Just to let you know to keep your eyes peeled alpari forex for a couple of Finn Brothers live tracks in the MP3 area, just to get you in the mood for their forthcoming tour... You'll also find a live version of Throw Your Arms Around Me (this one's for you, Aaron!). All being well, they should be uploaded in the next few days.
09 Mar 2004
Wow, it's been a while since I was last here alpari minimum deposit but now SSF is back on the front-burner. The past few months have been a melting pot of new material (which there'll be a link to shortly), hurling one's body cruelly through the time zones and a seemingly endless flow of short, fat little men in black t-shirts scurrying effortlessly around with amplifiers heavier than your house.

Anyhow, you'll notice that the site is back with a vengeance. The MP3 area is back up with the entire Borderline show now available for your listening pleasure, as many of you have requested. Sorry it took so long, and enjoy!

Also worthy additions of note are the ever welcome tabs from Gavin Chart and Nick Hamblin, the most recent of which are:

Charlie (Gavin Chart)
Beside You (Gavin Chart)
808 Song (Nick Hamblin)
Split Ends (Nick Hamblin)
15 Dec 2003
The good man Nick Hamblin has sent through a few tabs for your playing pleasure. These are:

Dirty Creature
Hello Sandy Allen
I Am In Love
Incognito In California
Sacred Cow
This Is Massive
What I Get Paid For

Good work!
17 Nov 2003
Ooops. I've had to temporarily switch off the MP3 area as many of you were having problems with the files. They may have been uploaded in the incorrect format, so apologies for that. I'll be fixing that one asap.
07 Nov 2003
Wow, where did the last five months go. SSF is back in the forefront again with the resurrection of everyone's favourite: the MP3 area!

There's also been quite a few people very kindly sent in contributions since the last update (yep, these have now been included) so a massive thanks to those people, most notably Michael le Blanc, Gavin Chart, Greg Weston, Paul Wilson and Mitch.

So go on, have a good poke around because there's been a lot more added since you were last here, and as always, if you've got anything to add then please let me know.
finn news
11 Mar 2004
Finn Bros: Neil and Tim are to play at LA's infamous Café Largo club. It's no doubt sold out so there's no point trying to call the venue!
06 Mar 2004
Neil Finn: CBC Radio's DNTO to air 10 tracks from the Toronto Phoenix Club show (3rd Feb 2003).
Feb 2004
Neil Finn: His track, Wherever You Are, to be released on a Nettwerk (US) Valentine's compilation entitled Simply Being Loved.
30 Jan 2004
Finn Bros: Neil and Tim head off to America to put some final touches to their forthcoming album.
27 Jan 2004
Neil Finn: Will appear on ABC TV (Australia) show Words at 23:45.
14 Oct 2003
Tarmac Adam: The band play live in The Basement (website) from 11:30am AEST with presenters Doug and Quinno. Tune in to the website and hit the "on air now" button.
12 Oct 2003
Finn Bros: ABC TV (Australia) begins airing its Love Is In The Air series, which will at some point feature interviews and footage of Neil, Tim and Crowded House.
Oct 2003
Finn Bros: Neil and Tim took a break from mixing the second Finn Brothers album with producer Tony Visconti in London, to party on at actor Sam Neill's home. The Finns performed a few songs, later joined by Tim's fellow ALT band member Andy White. Irish born White now lives in Melbourne but is currently in the UK promoting his "Tell Me Why" EP which is out in Australia on December 1. (Excerpt from
1 Oct 2003
Tarmac Adam: Hand Held Torch, the début album of Melbourne-based Tarmac Adam, featuring Paul Hester and Nick Seymour, is released under Little Big Music. It is followed by a handful of Australian tour dates later in the month.
Order the CD from HMV Australia.
Read a press article from Undercover here.
Sep/Oct 2003
Finn Bros: Neil and Tim head to London to mix their forthcoming album with Tony Visconti, rumoured for release in early 2004. The band also features Ross Burge (drums, ex The Mutton Birds) and Bones Hillman (bass, ex The Swingers, Midnight Oil).